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Best IQOS HEETS Flavor in UAE

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With Heets experience the enhanced flavor of tobacco! Heets sticks are different from conventional cigarettes. They can exclusively be used with a sophisticated IQOS system. Heets sticks stand out not only in design and details but also in taste. At present, Heets sticks of IQOS UAE have 8 different flavors. Each flavor has its unique taste that distinguishes them from the rest. You can choose your favorites as per your liking and preferences and enjoy these for approximately 6 minutes. Heets flavors are available across the UAE, particularly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah. These flavored heated tobaccos used with an IQOS are much safer than traditional cigarettes. However, you’re not fully off the risk. The authentic flavor of the tobacco is retained in these Heets sticks. They are great alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes. The strong odor of tobacco is masked by fragrant and aromatic flavored Heets. The flavors are categorized into two- with menthol and without menthol. The menthol present in the Heets is used to induce a deep cooling sensation. The added menthol leaves behind a cooling and anesthetic effect.

Best IQOS HEETS Yellow Flavor in UAE - watsonvilleairshow

Yellow Label

One of the most popular flavors among the Heets flavored collection is the Yellow Label. These sticks have a mild, menthol-free flavor. However, the HEETS Yellow Label is the weakest flavor among Amber Label Heets and Bronze Label Heets. It’s a smooth blend of tobacco that is most preferred by newcomers. Because of its weak flavor, Yellow Label is not enjoyed by regular hardcore smokers. This tobacco mix is delicate and fragrant, giving out a subtle yet real flavor of tobacco. On smoking a puff of this, a mild soothing taste of spice is left behind in the mouth. Yellow Label is a blended stick that contains royal notes of spices which leaves you feeling fresh and fragrant. However, its aroma is not very strong. It is perfect for those who prefer going light. The aroma and the flavor combined make the experience an unforgettable memory for beginners who love to start light. You can get your hands on this and other Heets flavors on IQOS Dubai.

Best IQOS HEETS Bronze Flavor in UAE - watsonvilleairshow

Bronze Label

Now Bronze Label is also a menthol-free flavor. But hold on! It’s not as mild as the Yellow Label. It is in fact considered to be one of the strongest flavors in the heets menthol category. However, this flavor is suitable for beginners and loved by newbies. The flavor differs greatly. The Bronze Label HEETS is a smooth mix of tobacco with the rich and royal notes of cocoa and dried fruits. Well, most people are on a mission to find the chocolate and dried fruit notes in it. We can settle on the fact that the flavor and aroma of tobacco are retained along with notes of cocoa and dried fruit. This aroma is long-lasting and the flavor leaves a feeling of satisfaction within you. The best part is you do not have to go fetching for this in stores, you can buy heets online in Dubai.


Yugen & Purple Label

Here are two contrasting flavors- one that leaves an intense floral aroma and another one is a blend of menthol with wild berries. Pick what you love! Yugen is a rich blend of menthol with slight fruity-floral notes. The fragrance is blissful almost like you’ve sprayed some lovely perfume. Needless to mention, girls are mostly in love with such flavors. Men aren’t very keen on trying these, however, a few young beginners do not mind trying them. The menthol content in it adds freshness and cooling to every puff. Purple Label is a great menthol flavor that leaves a rich and intense aftertaste of wild berries once you’ve taken a puff of this. Simply insert one of these heets flavored sticks into the IQOS device and wait till the sticks heat up. Then enjoy every puff with the strong menthol hitting the back of your throat and leaving you with some really interesting flavors that one cannot resist. Choose a suitable flavor from out heets Dubai store and you can rest assured of complete satisfaction.

Best IQOS HEETS Flavor in UAE - watsonvilleairshow

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